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Meet Josh Day

“I believe that listening is actually the biggest lesson to learn in music, and also in life. When we learn to listen, we can step outside of ourselves, our thoughts and our preconceived ideas and truly listen to whatever is around us. Music should be a conversation. It is knowing when to speak and when to respond.”

Nashville drummer Josh Day, is no stranger to the conversation of music. Throughout his many years recording and performing with top acts ranging from Sara Bareilles to John Oates, Josh has reached a world class level of musicianship that he owes to his musical education, his roots and his dedication to the art of listening.

Josh grew up in North Carolina, in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, where folk music and bluegrass filled the air. The musical heritage in the area presented him with some of his earliest musical influences:

“I became a big fan of Doc Watson, as he lived fairly close to where I grew up and went to college. I had the opportunity to see him perform many times, and later, had a chance to play with him a few times as well. Folk music and bluegrass became a fabric of my musical foundation, and continue to hold a special place in my heart.”

Josh attended Appalachian State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education. After an additional year of post graduate at ASU for Musical Performance, Josh made the move to Los Angeles, where he attended the Musician’s Institute and graduated with honors in 2003. From there, he began teaching at the school, and also performing and touring with many different artists.

In 2004, Josh landed a gig with famed singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles. Over the next ten years, Josh had the opportunity to tour the world multiple times, and perform on television a countless number of times. While opening up for Sugarland on one of their last tours in 2012, Josh met Jennifer Nettles, one of Sugarland’s lead vocalist. This led to his his next major gig as drummer and background vocalist for Jennifer Nettles, which led to another round of major tours and television performances.

When not touring, Josh likes to spend time in his own recording/production studio, where he writes and records songs for film and TV, and also teaches lessons.

Most recently, Josh has spent a considerable amount of time recording and performing with John Oates of the famed Hall & Oates, where he is a member of John Oates and The Good Road Band. He has also spent time performing with country singer-songwriter Brandy Clark. Josh is also a member of The Contenders, an original duo project with singer-songwriter-guitarist, Jay Nash.

Throughout his career, Josh has also recorded and performed with many other artists, such as Carrie Underwood, Maroon 5, Meiko, Jay Nash, Sally Jaye, Pete Anderson, New Soul Undergound and many, many others.

“I love making music with my friends. I also love to perform. Whether it be in front of 6 people or 60,000, the energy that the audience can bring is palpable. I believe the “magic” of performance really happens when the audience and performers are on the same page, where things are then taken to a whole other place or dimension.”

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